About the Coalition
The BC Coalition of Nursing Associations is the first ever organization of its kind in Canada, bringing together leadership from all four BC nursing professional associations and our nurse educators, in one collaborative forum for discussion, action and advocacy.

Member organizations include:
  • The Association of Registered Nurses of BC
  • The Association of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of BC
  • The BC Nurse Practitioner Association
  • The Licensed Practical Nurses Association of BC
  • The Nursing Education Council of BC
The Coalition was established as a way to engage elected nurse leaders from across the professional nursing groups in discussion around topics, policy and directions that impact the nursing profession as a whole. Each member organization has nominated three representatives of their organization to sit at the Coalition table. This structure ensures equal representation of all five nursing groups, regardless of their numbers, to ensure fair, objective discussion that benefits all nurses can take place.

By modelling collaboration, equality and a team-based approach at the Coalition, it is our hope that the nursing community will come together with respect and support for one another.

Nursing has an important role to play in health system transformation and one of the first areas we must address is within our own profession. Breaking down the hierarchies and moving to open, honest and solutions-oriented discussion will play a significant role in helping all of nursing to find its voice.

Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of B.C.
Bringing together all BC nurses in one strong, collaborative nursing association.
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